Not solely about verse, theopoetics is an emphasis, style, and positive concern for the intersection of theology and spirituality with the imagination, aesthetics, and the arts, especially as it takes shape in ways that engender community affirming dialogue that is embodied in nature and transformative in effect. It is not an alternative to theology as such, but an orientation to the doing of theology that gives greater attention to form, genre, and the methods of theological reflection.

Audre Lorde wrote, “As we begin to recognize our deepest feelings, we begin to give up, of necessity, being satisfied with suffering and self-negation, and with the numbness which so often seems like their only alternative in our society. Our acts against oppression become integral with self, motivated and empowered from within.” Theopoetics encourages us to recognize our numbness and to act and communicate in ways that lift veils and make things new. For further detail as to what it is that theopoetics is about, see the Definitions section of the ATRE homepage.

Harrity serves as a creative editor for Theopoetics: A Journal of Theological Imagination, Literature, Embodiment, and Aesthetics and as the Chair of Outreach and Networking at ATRE. See this video from ANNOTATE for some brief thoughts. Or an extended video here.